Sony NIPROS/S26 Studio Package

The new NIPROS/S26 Multi Core studio system package is designed for use with the Sony hand held HVR/NXR camcorders and PMW-EX1/1R/3 camcorders (Shown with the PMW-EX3 Camcorder), by configuring the camcorder for use in studio operations.  The Multi Core studio system can be an ideal choice for the users who plan to use occasionally the camcorder in a studio operation or who plan to use the camcorder in the studio for emergency backup for a system camera.  The NIPROS DS-260 CCZ multicore Camera Interface Unit is attached under the hand-held camcorder and supplies interfaces to the camcorder such as an HD/SD component input from camera/auto detecting (HD/SD), a video input (composite or HD-Y) from camera and monitor output (composite with power) to LVM-89W, among others.  The NIPROS DS-560 CCZ multicore Base Station Unit has interfaces for easy integration to a production studio infrastructure and includes HD/SD component output /auto detecting (HD/SD), a video output (composite or HD-Y), RET video (composite or HD-Y) input, TALLY in and out, aux (selectable from video input or T/C output), HD/SD SDI input x1(with 2 loop through) / auto detecting (SD/HD), and HD/SD SDI Return input x1(with 2 loop through) / auto detecting (SD/HD), among several others.  The package offered by Sony includes a NIPROS DS-560 base station unit, a DS-260 camera interface unit, an LVM-89W 8.9″ color LCD wide-screen return video monitor, two intercom headsets as well as all necessary interface cables for connection of the hand-held camcorder to the DS-260 camera interface unit.  With a MSRP of only $7,000.00 US, there is no reason NOT to have this availability for your portable cameras!

See what this package can do for you HERE!

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