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Telestream’s FlipFactory is the definitive video transcoding and workflow operation solution.  Period.  FlipFactory provides extensive video and audio format support (Transcoding between more than 120 formats & wrappers) and deep system integration (directly, with all major systems), enabling greater flexibility and reliability for more customers worldwide than any other enterprise-class workflow automation or server-based video transcoding product on the market.  I have years of experience with them!

We have them setup as a render farm (as a separate function than 3D-type renderers) to generate and distribute media to broadcast distributors.  We run over 10,000+ files for various processes through our array of FlipFactory-loaded devices monthly!  That’s about 1,300 television productions distributed for air as well as 2,000+ radio spots.  I use it because it’s not only a fantastic product, but its fast, efficient batch encoding and delivery saves us both time and money – as promised!

The many options available, including: GraphicsFactory – a faster, more efficient means to add bumpers and trailers, brand and localize media for a variety of high-volume distribution requirements and just easing graphic insertions overall; FlipScan – which lets you define a set of filtering rules for automatic scanning, analyzing and processing of incoming video, audio & metadata as well as manage non-standard, uploaded source media, including user-generated content and FactoryArray – a program that provides auto-failsafe, 24/7 job processing for large-scale workflow automation applications and load-balanced, continuous job processing across multiple servers, database mirroring, guaranteed high availability, and distributed control make the Telestream family of products a powerful tool for the entire industry!

Supporting many image file formats including PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, LBM, PCX, PNG, PPM, TARGA, TIFF, and WBMP, FlipFacory is best in class when it comes to hands-free processing; simply set rules for where to look for source files, what to do with them, and where to deliver them (scaling across multiple servers) for consistent, high-quality output results every time! I don’t know what I’d do without it as it adds complete reliability for critical workflows and is just so easy to operate!  I don’t think that I can praise this product enough!!!

The video and audio preprocessing support is seemingly endless!  FlipFactory provides media processing enhanced with: mask filter for automatic conversion to 16:9, 14:9 or custom masked frames, a frame mode filter for controlling input video field/frame detection, audio level analysis with waveform generator, inverse telecine, automatic software updater, ability to re-submit jobs making restarts easy, audio/video fade in/out, hue rotation, saturation, sharpen, blur and RGB color rescale; audio channel mixing of up to 32 audio channels.  There isn’t a single product that is a versatile as FlipFactory!!!

The best part about FlipFactory?  It automatically transcodes from virtually any source format, including broadcast servers and NLEs, to an equally broad range of output formats and accepts source media and metadata from content providers, and can even transcode and deliver media and metadata to distribution/aggregator servers… it doesn’t get better than that!!!  I’m currently adding a feature to our array of servers for Calm Act/LKFS level compliance.  Many users have one system, but we have ours setup in a load-balanced array.  Our setup is even tied into TerraBlock storage!  Take some time and peruse Telestream’s website – you may find more than you bargained for!!!

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