An Interview With Don LaFontaine

A few years ago, I had the chance to sit down with Don LaFontaine about his amazing career as a voice talent. I was just going through some old files and ran across the following. I figured that many of you would enjoy this…

Don, how long have you been in the business and what types of clients have you worked with?
“I have been involved in the narration of trailers for 43 years. The last quarter century has also included Network Television promos and other commercials such as spots for Budweiser Beer, Ford, Chevy, GM Cars & Trucks, Toyota, McDonald’s Coke and of course, most recently on camera for GEICO.”

How many sessions or spots do you record in one day?
“The number of sessions I do in a day varies, but it’s usually between six and ten. My record for individual sessions in one day is twenty-six (on a few occasions), and my record number of spots recorded on a single day, including movie trailers, is 126!”

What spectrum of clients do you usually work with?
Is it mostly TV, Radio, Movie Trailers or do you voice Industrials/Narrations as well?
“Most of my work at present is for the Networks: Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC Kids, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, etc. The movie trailer business continues to thrive. I also work in the commercial field, and am the in-show announcer for America’s Most Wanted, which I have been voicing for eight years now. I also guest on “Family Guy” and “American Dad” from time to time.”

Are the days of traveling to multiple studios still part of your daily routine, or are you now an ISDN Voice Talent and work from your home voice-over studio?
“I work almost exclusively out of my home studio, connecting to the networks or trailer houses over ISDN lines. I occasionally go out to record, but 99% of my work is now done from home.”

Anything else you’d like to say Don?
“I have no illusions – I know how much luck and timing has to do with my career. I truly believe in the Chaos theory. Too many random events have collided to create my career for me not to believe in it. I have even developed a personal philosophy about it: If you are successful, no decision you ever made was wrong. If you are unsuccessful, virtually ANY decision you made was wrong. It constantly amazes me that our lives can be affected so greatly by such thing things.”

Don, you’re truly an amazing voice talent and extremely talented at what you do. This is one of the first occasions that I’ve spoken with a “major player” in the voice over industry that was completely down-to-earth.

Ryan: It was an honor to interview you.
Good luck to you, Don!

Don: Thanks, Ryan.

Don is a legend that no one in our industry will ever forget. To this day, Don’s family keeps his website live. You can visit it by Clicking Here.

Such a cool guy! He is missed.


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